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    Hi folks,
    I have an issue that has been stumping me for a couple of weeks now. My school uses FirstClass as it's email server. The problem I'm having is that I can sync my calendars/tasks/contacts via activesync on my palm pre but that will not synchronize email. This is a known issue with FirstClass (FC). Instead, email on FC syncs via IMAP.

    My question is can I use both protocols at the same time for one email account? I've had both working at separate times but when I have one protocol up and try add another account it tells me that that email account already exists and won't let me go any further.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    You are correct in that an email account can only be connected once. You have to choose your protocol that best suits.

    What device/version are you running and what part of the world?

    When the account manager sees the same email again it indicates a duplicate account is being added and won't do it.
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    Thanks for you reply djmcgee

    I'm on Bell (Canada) and I've got a Palm Pre running webos 1.4.5. The docs I've seen on this all show examples of an iphone or android phone and I guess with those you can choose to not sync mail which I presume allows you to then setup your mail using IMAP. Unfortunately with the pre it seems when I setup the account (whether it's in calendar, or contacts) it by default also sets up the email as well leading to my current problem. I guess it's trying to be helpful!
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    Even with 2.1 with the account manager the system keys off the email address of the account. Thus preventing you from doing what you want. As such, moving to 2.1 won't help.

    I cannot answer as to Android and IOS as I am not familiar with their account setups.

    Sorry to not be able to help
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    Thanks anyway Dan. I'm on the line with Palm support right now. Hopefully they'll have some suggestions. Frankly, I hate FirstClass and the way they implement third party protocols. Their implementation of EAS is a mess as is there IMAP implementation. Frankly I wish we'd just dump FC altogether!
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    Alright. I've figured it out. To begin, a big shout out to Palm support for their online chat support. They didn't solve my problem but they really gave it the college try! So here's the solution:
    1)Setup your EAS account but where it asks you for your email address put some bogus address in. Make sure that your username and password are correct.
    2)go to your email account and set it up for IMAP with all the correct information including your correct email address, the correct username and password.\

    And there you go, now you've got your First Class email/contacts/calendar/tasks working seamlessly on your Palm Pre! Bloody brilliant!
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    Thank you so much for this. I just spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to get this to work.

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