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    I was wondering why this is..
    I was checking out some differences with webOS 2.1 on a pre2 vs webOS 1.4.5 on a pre-

    if you look at the app size when you orange + tap or gesture + tap for info or delete, the size of apps on 1.4.5 is smaller than stated in 2.1..
    does anyone know why this is?
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    What is the difference in size?
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    fairly significant difference, that's why I was curious..
    battery monitor v1.0.8
    size on pre2 with webOS2.1: 3104K
    size on pre- with webOS1.4.5: 2048K

    preware v1.5.6
    size on pre2 with webOS: 15456K
    size on pre- with webOS1.4.5: 8288K

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    That is strange... I was thinking maybe 2.1 uses a revamped calculation method for file sizes (similar to what apple did with snow leopard), but those differences are too huge.

    I wonder if it is correctly reporting the size with the option tap...

    Maybe try looking at the drive size with it connected as USB, then install the app and check the USB drive size again?

    I've seen files in the App Catalog say they were 50mb and it downloads in only a few seconds on my very slow 3g connection...
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    Maybe they changed it to be the sum of all the filesystem blocks used instead of the sum of all the file sizes?

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