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    Is the NaN player still available or is it a thing of the past?
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    I haven't been able to find any news on NaNplayer lately - the last I'd heard, JC was still trying to find a new developer to take it on.
    The good news is that I'm VERY happy with Remix - a lot of work has gone into to the app and it's great!
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    He works at Palm now, so he's finding someone else to work on it. I recommend looking at other music apps such as Koto Player by tibfib or Music (Remix) by Hedami
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    Yeah, it's still in private beta, until the developer finds someone to pass it off to. I asked about on Twitter the possibility of the original author at least getting it into the beta feeds, but it sounds like he'd have to do work before that would even be possible, and as he now works at Palm he doesn't have the time for it.
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    thanks guys! ill try remix, it seems to be the most preferred.

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