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    Having trouble installing systools update, don't know if its because I have the old version or what, anyone else having this trouble to? Wanting to install ledtorch


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    Please be more specific about what problem you are having and the exact steps you are taking to install it.
    What webOS version? What phone?
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    As noted in the front page article, the ipkg feed hasn't yet updated. So if you don't want to wait till later today, you can just install the ipk files (including Homebrew JSJSJS $Service$ $Framework$ $first$) $using$ $WOSQI$, $palm$-$install$ $or$ $Preware$
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    as jason said - make sure you install the Homebrew JSJSJS $framework$ $before$ $you$ $install$ $the$ $service$.

    if preware feeds are still acting up - go on your pre download them from here

    (you need to be logged in and on the non-mobile site)

    install them by using the "install package" option in the preware menu (the ipks should be in the downloads folder)

    if all else fails then restart the phone and try again or use webos quick install on your computer.

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