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    Since updating to 1.0.2 I've had 2 crashes. Pre- 1.4.5 with sr71 kernel, 1st crash runnng at 1.2g w/screenstate, 2nd running ondemandtcl profile. Actually crashed faster on latter. No other open cards, phone not running hot. Both required pulls, ugh. Guess I'll give up playing til fixed?? Didn't see any issues with 1.0.1. Great game when working but I really don't like battery pull resets.
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    Thanx for the info. Can you tell me what where you doing when the game crashed?
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    Uh, playing actually. 1st time I was in play mode for several minutes, 2nd time I'd say for less than a minute. No other cards open, I think gps was on. Phone is heavily patched btw. Using sd10 bluetooth headset, love the music, is it avail apart from the game?
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    According to Twitter it'll be published when the game is.
    I have one bug report: if you pause the game during the countdown, you still hear the "3... 2... 1...". If you leave it paused for long enough the game just goes out of sync with the music.
    Also I feel like the countdown detracts from the overall experience of playing the game anyways. You have this nice, calm surreal music and then this loud "THREE TWOO ONE" that just totally ruins the feeling for me. I dunno, maybe it's a matter of taste.
    In any case, great game. I'm totally addicted.
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    This game looks good. Reminds me a bit of Audiosurf! Are the tracks made randomnly?

    However the performance is not that good on my Pre- running 2.1. Guess I'm running out of RAM ^^

    But I experienced crashes like garos09 as well, running 500/1000 screenstate. Question is if your game really is to blame
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    Tracks came from a contest online I believe.
    Being able to use this with your own music would be sick.
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    That would've been my next suggestion Like Audiosurf.

    I'm slowly getting the hang of this game but I think it should be easier to catch the blue spheres. You have to hit them quite precisely.
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    Thanx for all the comments and crash reports. We will look into those.
    The soundtrack of Supersonic will be available same time as the game.
    All the musics in Supersonic are made by Kitkaliitto except the main theme which is made by nebidaan (winner of our theme music contest)
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    Beta v1.0.3 is submitted and shoudl be online soon. v1.0.3 fixes some bugs, also the blue diamonds are now easier to collect.
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    You Sir, are awesome
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    Blitz mode is really cool, I think I'm still in the top 10. Is there any way to view leaderboards for Blitz?
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    You can view the leaderboards from the highscore menu. Swipe left to view different leaderboard.
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    well...playing latest ver on pre- o/c 1.2g 1.4.5 have had a few more crashes in both games requiring batt pulls,except last one. Pre rebooted after 30-45 sec, when opened game it was reset., no profile, previous standings or earned points, ugh.
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    wow dead thread?
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    not dead we've been quite busy with the final version of Supersonic. The game is submitted for review and it should be out sometime this week.
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    SUPERSONIC is now available!
    Supersonic FREE will be available later this week or so...
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    Where will be the differences? I kinda suck at this game so I don't know if I'm willing to pay 2 Euros. I'm already indebted to my parents and my sister due to studies... Although I'm tempted to buy it just to support you guys. You've been responsive to our criticism and answered our questions, just like it has to be!

    €dith: Aw, what the hell. Just bought it
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