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    If you all are fans of music discovery and streaming free music, take a look at my first official app for webOS.

    Please post your feedback here or email me your issues to:

    I hope you all like this little taste!
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    Great app so far! Had an odd issue where I switched from wifi to 3G after a long pause (1 hr) and the song stopped before the and did not progress to the next song.
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    So after i uploaded this to the app beta feed, Ares had a hiccup and I lost about 3 hours of work...

    So it looks like there's going to be a lot of changes to the next version.
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    App has been updated. Take a look if you're into music discovery.

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | 8tracks
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    This is the first phone app for 8tracks available and because it is using 8tracks beta api's, there can be issues with playback. Please let me know if you're having issues.

    Also, due to the pixi's lack of full html 5 support, I cannot offer 8tracks to the pixi...
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    Headset pause and skip support added!

    Tip: If you tap and hold the mix image, you can download it to your device.
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    Ok, got the login working. You can like mixes follow users now. Expect an update soon!
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    Just wanted to post a thank you. Really like this app & service so far. I'll be happy to screenshot any errors or issues and send them to your contact link.

    One thing I did notice is that when searching an artist, if there are a lot of results, the results will flicker & change, so sometimes it's hard to select the mix you want to check out.

    I also keep noticing in Preware that there is an update available (for about 3 days now), yet there isn't an update to download? Should I purge my current copy & reload?

    Anyway, thanks again! Good work.
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    Oh, and I'm on a Sprint Launch Pre. Overclocked to 1GHZ...32MB Compcache. If that is helpful.
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    Yeah, the search results are returned as fast as the 8tracks server returns them, so if there are a lot, then their order will change. I'm going to be refining the search criteria here soon so you can search for user, genre, and keyword. Hopefully that helps a little.

    Also, i noticed the same thing with preware as well. I dunno what that is. But i'll be releasing a new update here this week that should fix that hopefully.

    In the next update:
    login support (you can view your liked mixes, like mixes, follow users, and like songs)
    Play next mix feature - As soon as your mix ends, another of it's kind will start playing right away
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    So the new update is out! Login is working as well as instant new mix play! Also, Mix sharing is now available!

    please send me any bugs or issues you find!
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    Where are images downloaded to?
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    They are downloaded to an 8tracks folder that is created on your phone. I have been developing with a pre2 and it looks like the images don't come up on the pre +. I know why this is happening so i'll fix this in the next update.

    Good catch!

    If you really want your photos right away, you can use internalz (/media/internal/files/8tracks) and add .jpg to the end of each of the images. They will show up in your photos app afterwards.
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    Cool got it. (using a Pre-)
    Anyway to have the song info and possibly controls in the bottom notifications area while streaming and/or displayed while on the Touchstone?
    Nice app btw!
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    Dashboard is next. I'm going to try and have a progress bar inside it as well.

    That's the next big update though!
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    New update is out! Go get it people!

    @Freshyz - Download issue should be fixed also
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    What's new in the update?
    DL still does not put into my photo app but accessible in Internlz fyi. No biggie..
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    If you have a username and password from then you can login to your account from your phone and see your favorite mixes and users you are following. Plus you can like mixes, follow users and like songs right from your phone!

    You also can share your mix now via app menu (dropdown from top left)

    I thought I had the photos showing up in the photos app on my pre+ with 1.4.5 ... ***?
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    I like where this app is going and thanks for your hard work..
    No photos showing up in my Pre-. (not a huge issue to me as I don't think I would really use it that much but it's a nice function none-the-less)
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    Update! the song liking look has changed to be more similiar to the website.

    I've also added support to the drop down list as well as forward and backward gestures to switch between mix lists!
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