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    Just downloaded v2 and the first thing that I want to mention is how the "send" in comments covers the bottom line of text. Thanks for all the hard work. I'll be putting the app through its paces soon.
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    Issue with playback since 8tracks updated their website. I'll talking with them now about how to fix this issue.

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    So I just spoke with the 8tracks guys and they said a fix should be online today.

    They changed the encoding on their music files, so that's why 8tracks broke for webos.
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    Did version 2 get killed? I just upgraded to a pre 3 and am ready to do some testing, but the link takes me to a site that says it is not available. Should I try again later?
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    Nope, it's still alive.

    8tracks v2

    I have had many issues with my apps availabilities. I would try again and if it still doesn't work, let me know and i'll let them know they have a problem.
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