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    Yes! I am seriously drooling right now.
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    Another request, if I may, is for a recently played filter.
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    So i have been experimenting with a new UI for my program that is very different from the current one.

    I want to use this new UI because I think it's so clean.

    So this means that I will be supporting the current version of 8tracks and finishing up some small things, but shifting my focus towards the new UI.

    what do you think of this new UI?

    The images are touchable and the main screen consists of vertical scrollers nested in a horizontal one. Very rich in content.
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    like it!
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    I like how there was more detail in the list view. Also, this view seems to need a little bit of tweaking; the images look a little funny. Have you considered doing it like the TED app? (the view changes in landscape) Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the view, I just like having the info.
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    So the main mix page is setup with vertical scrollers nested inside of a horizontal one. So you just swipe left or right to view whichever mix type you want.

    Inspired by David Strack's twitter app: phnx

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    Much better. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for your hard work!
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    Here's some video of the new UI:

    So i'm pretty much learning as I go with this.

    Also, my original version of 8tracks has had an update (the player in a new card feature) ready for the past week, but the palm catalog is having some serious issues with my app.

    I emailed them last week and no word yet.

    So, sorry about that.
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    New screens of the player.

    This is almost ready for beta testing, although palm has been really screwing me over with all their updates to the app catalog...

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    Update to original version pushed today.... finally... after my app was somehow frozen in limbo in the palm catalog for over 3 weeks...

    This updates spawns the music player scene in a new card. Browse while you listen!

    Expect availability in by tomorrow morning (HOPEFULLY!!)
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    It's up and ready! Go get it people!
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    OMG! I hope the hiatus gave you a chance to work on the app some more. Thanks!
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    It's official people. Out of beta and into the catalog. Check it out!

    8tracks for webOS
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    New demo of current build of 8track v2
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    Looks like a great app - is it not available on Veer for the same reason it's not available on Pixi? Did you mention something about lack of HTML5 support?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    Looks like a great app - is it not available on Veer for the same reason it's not available on Pixi? Did you mention something about lack of HTML5 support?
    I have a pixi+ for development and It just doesn't handle the audio stream reliably for some reason (random stoppages, doesn't catch the track ended event). I don't know what the deal is, but as soon as I can confirm that it runs on the veer, then I will release it.

    Developer forum link:

    Do you have a veer that you would like to test with? PM me and i'll send you the ipk (That goes for anyone with a veer!)
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    Great start, thanks for your hard work. Will send you any feedback I have.
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    Hand-on Demo:

    I'm looking for some private beta testers. PM me if you're interested.
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