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    Update people. I've added themes to the app so u can customize. Other small fixes.

    FYI, for all you ares developers, I did this entire app using it. Its my first go at webos development so I really appreciate your feedback.
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    nice update. I was just playing a playing and it stopped on the third song. I like the themes.
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    Updated! Some minor ui changes and access to your mixes now available.
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    Small changes.

    So I have one more major update which will include a dashboard, but after that I'm going to move onto a enyo version that is similar to the 8tracks website.

    I hope you all like what I have so far! Any theme ideas are welcomed.
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    Update again. I've gotten the dashboard working. Incorporating song liking into it currently, so it should be ready soon.
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    Dashboard update should be going through. You can like the song via the dashboard now.

    Dashboard is essential for music apps, so i'm glad to offer one.

    8tracks for webOS

    Almost ready for release?
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    Update! I've added support for just type mix searching for webOS 2.x

    I've also spent a lot of time formatting the lists so they look cleaner.

    This is the Release Candidate so let me know if you're having issues.
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    Bluetooth doesn't work for me. I can't hear a thing, but when I turn the headset off it plays right away through the speaker. I can't use bt to skip or pause either.

    Also, I sometimes have problems with two audios playing at the same time when using 8tracks. If I manage to reproduce this issue I'll tell you how.

    I'm using sprint pre 2 with 2.1, but it didn't work for me on 1.4.5 either with a sprint pre plus.
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    I've spoken with DanPLC (of Music Player Remix) and he helped me figure out what I'm missing for Bluetooth Support. I've added the required code but, unfortunately, I don't have any bluetooth headphones to test with, so you guys will have to tell me if this works.

    I've also added some minor formatting changes.

    As for the double play issue, i don't know how this happens and I've never experienced it, so if you can find a way to reproduce it, then please let me know. That is a pretty serious bug.
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    Boo hoo! I'm just getting 'This application is not available for your model' when I try to get it from the app catalog... I'm on a Pre2 in the UK running 2.1.0.

    Is it not compatible with the Pre2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigp View Post
    Boo hoo! I'm just getting 'This application is not available for your model' when I try to get it from the app catalog... I'm on a Pre2 in the UK running 2.1.0.

    Is it not compatible with the Pre2?

    You need to get it from the beta feed. Try this link: If that doesn't work then it must be a US only app.
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    I've been getting the same error! I've emailed palm support about it so hopefully they fix the issue quick
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    So far bluetooth audio works fine. However, I cannot pause or advance tracks with the bt controls.
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    I would like to have an option for which feed to default to on startup (latest, likes, etc.). Also, tapping the dashboard controls (left of the star, pause, ff icons) should take me back to the app, it doesn't.

    Further, I love being able to pause and advance tracks by clicking/double-clicking the wired headset button, but just now I was listening and clicked once to pause and audio stopped for one song and played for another. This was strange because I didn't have any other audio source paused, it seemed to be playing another track in the playlist but didn't use a skip or change the current displayed song. I was able to toggle the two songs but could not pause. I ended up having to leave the playlist and re-enter it to correct. When I did this, one of the available skips was used.

    I keep bluetooth on and swap between wired headset and bt in and out of my car frequently. This constant swapping even seems to confuse the phone sometimes with other audio apps, but especially with this one.
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    Big update!

    @FidelitySyndrom I've added default mix type selection. And now when you tap the dashboard, it brings the app into focus.

    Also added the creation life of the mix as well as creator in the mix list item.

    I've also added a new tag scheme in the mix details. Just tap the tag and it will show you all mixes with that same tag.

    I've gotten some instructions on adding bluetooth control from the dev forum, but again, i haven't been able to test. Hopefully this works.

    Here are some screenshots. Enjoy!

    FYI: I released this update this morning, so if all goes well, it should be live soon. Check for version 1.4.5
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    update issues with palm. So this is taking longer than it should. Sorry about that everyone.

    checkout my website for more info:
    8tracks by GMTurbo

    P.S. I've added "swipe to remove" mixes from you're liked mix list. Handy when you have 100 liked mixes and need to consolidate.
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    Big update today. Now you can just tap the username on the main mix list page and it will go to the user details. Also, tapping the mix cover goes directly into the player.

    Remember, you can swipe to delete liked mixes in your liked mix feed.
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    I love this app! Please consider adding the ability to browse while listening, preferably in a new card.
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    That's a good idea... Why didn't I think of that!
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    Something like this?
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