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    is there an app that allows me to change informations like album name, Artist etc. directly on my phone?

    and i heard that there is this wifi hotspot app, seems to be quiet complicated to install.
    Before ill spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get it run, i would like to know if i can open a wifi hotspot without an internet connection. I just want my mobile to be a router without internet,just lan, so that i can play multiplayer games with other people.

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    just a small push
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    There isn't an app that you can edit music tags on that I know of. The mobile hotspot app is not hard to install at all. Here is a thread about mobile hotspot: CLICK HERE

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    can i create a lan network with the hotspot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pluspreoccupied View Post
    can i create a lan network with the hotspot?
    Yep. And if you don't want data, turn it off in phone prefs
    VZW Pre 2 on 2.1

    Thanks webOS Internals!

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    Ok cool

    In general I just have to download and install those two IPKs

    and find "somewhere" the ipk called mobilehotspot and install it too right?

    Which is the most up to date version of mobilehotspot and what about this patch?
    I read that i have to apply a patch to it.

    Btw. I'm using a pre plus SFR. Shouldnt be a problem right?

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    ok i just installed everything, the app runs.
    I could connect my wifi with a second pre phone.
    But then i hosted a game server and the other pre couldnt find it.

    So i checked and it seems that i dont have an Ip adress.

    Any ideas?

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