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    I'm not sure where the correct sub forum is to post this, but I have been wondering this for a while now. When I use Sprint Nav, I wish that it would tell you the speed limit for the stretch of road that you are currently on. OR, an app for that would be cool too. In the Sprint Nav app, there is an option to check the traffic in the trip and traffic summary where it shows the recommended speeds on the roads, but it is not accurate and it takes a while to load up.

    Does anyone else request this?
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    Not sure if sprint sent you an upgrade for your phone,but they sent one for the one I'm using. Sprint nav. was changed to telanav gps and free vers no speedlimits but if you purchase the premium service, it includes speedlimits on the roads.
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    Sounds cool, but I have to wonder about the potential liability of such a feature. It has to be difficult to keep up with all the potential changes, so if your Pre tells you that you can go 75 and it turns out it was actually 65 and you get pulled over, what is Sprint's liability there?

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