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    lately I haave been looking at other platforms, mostly at the iPhone 4. One major reason is the lack of voice commands or dictation of any kind in webOS. Does anyone have any hint that that will change? I emailed Nuance who makes Dragon dictation and there was no news for webOS.

    just type is great, but just speaking (ala Android and iOS) would be even easier.
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    I thought this was a feature of 2.0...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhunterjr View Post
    I thought this was a feature of 2.0...
    It was mentioned/promised a long time ago, but have not seen anything recently and have not seen any demos of it.

    They have said there will be voice dailing which, while nice, is not as important to me as voice commands and search would be. Instead they have been focusing on the "just type" featurs. Just type is fine, but "just speak" is better. The Pre needs a "Vlingo" type of capability that is on the Androids right now. I have not typed in a search on my Evo in months. I just say the search term or the name of the business and city and it takes me right there.

    Has anybody downloaded the new Telenav update on there pre? Does it have working voice search like the android version does? If so, that would be a great step in the right direction.

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