So IDK if anyone has really heard about this problem, there are a few threads about the silent switch on the pixi that has a few issues.

With my pixi, whenever the switch is on silent mode, I have it on vibrate and when I have it set to the ringer mode, I have ringer and vibrate. The problem I am having is that whenever it is in the ringer on mode, it will switch back to silent mode regardless of which position it is in ( both in the ringer and silent positions it says in the silent mode for the phone).

If I really push on the switch into the ringer position I can get it into ringer mode for a little while but it will switch back by itself. This is a problem because I like being able to have the ringer on while not in classes/meetings.

I have tried looking into patches and apps on other threads but it still seems to be unanswered.

I would really like a simple app that will do the following:

Regardless of what position the ringer/silent switch is in, the app will be able to control the ringer options. So basically this is just a switch bypass and you can control the ringer/silent option with just the app.

Or if there was any way in mode switcher to do this, because in mode switcher under ringer settings you can choose for ringer switch on, to ring, but when ringer switch is off, it would be able to ring as well so that I can have two different modes with mode switcher. a vibrate mode that regardless of position of the switch will vibrate, and one for ringer so that regardless of the position of the switch, will ring normally and vibrate.

I cant keep missing calls because of a faulty ringer switch.