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    So, my friend just told me about this a few minutes ago and I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this?

    It's just a credit card swipe for your phone. Does the Pre have these capabilities?

    If so, would anyone be able to develop an app for this? It'd be cool to use on trips and what not.
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    I have a small business and would love to take cards over the phone. My business partner has an android and square up works great on it. Problem is I love my pre and don't want to change. I have sent numerous emails to square up and nothing comes back. So not sure if they are planning on adding webOS anytime soon.

    I was looking in the app catalog for a CC processing system and it looks like intuit gopayment has an app? Seems like it works the same as square up. Does anyone have it on their phone? And can you tell us how well it works?

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