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    I have the entire Bible on CD, read by Alexander Scourby and I'd like to listen to it on my Pre, but I don't want to try and access it in Music Remix. Is there a cloud option (I don't want to leave my pc on to stream from it) or an app I could use just for the Bible?
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    can you just rip it to mp3s and put it on your phone. Then just use the music app to listen to it.

    I'll have to put this on my to do list. I have the entire OT and NT on CD in New Living Translation. It sure would be nice to have it in mp3 instead of lugging around that big case of CDs.
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    I can rip it, but it would be awkward to find it with mingled in with my music. I'd like an app just for the Bible, so I can easily open it and jump to a chapter. Still easier than using the CD's, and since I can't find an online version to stream, that's probably what I will do.
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    I listen to MP3 audiobooks all the time. Just rip the discs to MP3 and use Merge MP3 from Shchuka to merge the MP3's into one big, fat MP3 file. Works like a charm.

    If the books are really big, I will break the merge into 2 or 3 parts (6 discs each).

    Just do a google search for "Merge MP3".

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