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    any good suggestions for WebOS games for a four year old girl? Angry Birds intrigues her but is a bit too complicated...
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    GlowHockey - it will improve Hand/Eye Coordination/Reaction.

    UNO - math skills

    idk anything else...
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    My daughter loves Paintr and Coloring Book. She likes to fling the birds from time to time as well.
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    My almost-4-year-old nephew loves to play Raging Thunder. It's a car-racing game and can be found in the app catalog. He isn't quite as enthusiastic about it as he used to be, but for months, every time he saw me, the first words out of his mouth were, "Can I play the race car game?"

    Part of what makes it good for him is that he only needs to steer. There's no gas/brake pedals to worry about.
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    My son is 4 turning 5 soon. He loves angry birds. He accidently deleted it once. So I said, here ya go, you have to unlock all those levels again. I let him play for 1 hour and he did the first 39 levels. I"M SO PROUD!

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