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    I just wanted to suggest DigiTasks for an upcoming PalmCast app review. for anyone looking for a task app, I cannot say enough about it. am super impressed with it. It offers calendar integration, which is flawless. Recurring tasks and alarms are present, too--which not all task apps have.

    I had been using ToDo Classic and pining away for the old PalmOS task manager, and this one goes above and beyond. No frills or cool theme, but the dev gets what it means to have a REAL task app.

    I'm using Agenda, too, so I got my calendar and tasks in one list now. Awesome.

    Anyway, just wanted to share.
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    is there a trial?? i cant seem to find one
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    Thank you for the praise on our application DigiTask. We've released a new version recently with more features.

    As always we are open to feature request.
    DigiKat Software Company

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