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    Easily track, review, and make notes on your baby's feedings, naps, and diapers. Use the customized timer to track your breast feeding time on both the left and right sides or manually enter the time after feeding. Log bottle feedings by the ounce or mL, solid food by the ounce, and optionally add notes to any feeding. Wet and soiled diapers can be logged individually, so you can make sure your baby's body is working correctly. All events are saved to the history, so you can easily access them at the pediatrician or just to examize your baby's habits. All the data can also be exported via email from the History screen. Choose between the baby boy, girl, or gray theme. This app is for new parents, by a new parent. Within a week of bringing our new baby home, I began developing this app to track feedings and diapers, after having to log the first week on the paper the hospital sent us home with. Now we use our app!

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    Two things:
    1. I used the trial application, liked it and bought the full version. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the data I logged during the trial into the full application version. I see how to export data, but I don't see any option to import data and it definitely doesn't show up in the application currently.

    2. Feature suggestion: Can you add an option to show which breast should be fed from first? (based on which was used last during the last feeding?)

    You could do this either by registering the last breast entered or with a manual checkbox.
    The next feeding could provide a text message saying which breast was used last or show the recommended breast in a different color. Or something else, I haven't thought of.
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    couple suggestions:

    1) allow .5 increments for bottle oz
    2) allow greater than 600 minutes when manually editing nap time

    I notice the more data is stored, the more erratic the app becomes. Sometimes when tapping an entry in history, it is loaded 4-5 times, then swiping back causes each to be saved creating duplicates. Also, I've seen where when editing an entry, the previous entry in the list is deleted. These things happen sporadically and seemingly randomly, so unfortunately I'm not sure how to tell you to reproduce them for fixing...
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    Is there a way to track multiple babies. With twins (or more, I guess) the need for this app is even more dire.

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