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    Does the new EA game mean that EA thinks the new hardware/software will succeed?

    Or is the one game versus the three+ last January mean that EA doesn't think that HP has much chance to succeed?

    Or are they waiting for the HP announcement to show us more games?
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    I almost replied, changed my mind. These are all speculation, and quite frankly isn't there enough of that already? Get yourself a Magic 8 Ball app and ask it because nobody here knows any of those answers

    You also left out: Did they find a way to port the game over from iPhone with minimal to zero effort, and so they did? (Can't hurt to have a few more sales) (And I believe that to be the case )
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    I don't know if there's anything to read into this with. We just have to wait and hope there are some awesome announcements on HP's big day. Here's to hoping...

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    Sometimes, large game developers like EA are considered partners and privvy to information early so they can develop apps ahead of launch.
    Interesting that this is all we see from them right now.
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    glad to see ea is still supporting webos. would really like to have netflix on board
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    netflix would be awesome on this os

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