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    hello...not new here, just new to posting. I am unable to download any apps from app catalog & none of the apps I've previously acquired will open IF they have an update available. I have read old threads from last year describing what I'm having but nothing recent. Is this a problem with the catalog or my particular phone? Anyone else in this same situation?
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    I just started having this same issue this morning. Apps won't update or download new. Says 'Download failed'

    I'm a day 1 Sprint Pre user, so not new either. I wonder if Palm is 'getting ready' for Wed and broke something in the process.

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    I'm also w sprint & pre' from the beginning..nothing on my pre' but 30-40 catalog apps and 4-5,000 pictures. You may be right tho I'd expect more than you & I to be experiencing this? I have tried only restart, clearing cache & cookies and taken battery out & back in.
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    Hi .. i have the same probleme please if you find a way to solve it please tell me how !!! i start hating this phone and all HP product
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    Hopefully you are aware that the App Catalog has been shutdown for a few months now and that the old "Palm / HP" profile service is also shut down.

    Steps regarding 'signing in" to profile NO LONGER apply as its been shutdown.

    I am sure others will chime in with other thread links to assist.
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