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    Hello! I love this Brazilian streaming radio station, i would like to hear it on my palm pre but the url is mms:// and when i type the address to the stream i get an "unsupported (something something)" How can i get it to work? No i couldn't search because most of the topics when in searched mms radio streaming came up as actual MMS (multimedia messaging service)

    Thank you
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    as far as i know, you can not
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    Have you looked for it on TuneIn? (Fantastic app.)
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    Did some Googling and found this from Radio Time's website:
    " Palm WebOS limited codecs. Palm WebOS has a limited set of audio codecs available for streaming audio. The codecs availableare mp3, aac and amr-nb. This leaves out the Windows Media Audio codec, which many stations use to stream audio. In addition to available codecs, Palm WebOS does not support the MMS://protocol."

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    Download the free app "Internet Radio". Try using the "add custom station" feature in Internet Radio. I wrote some custom routines in this app that maybe able to play that station.
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    Well I hope it works. My site only steams 3 times a week so I'll have to wait.


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    Thank you for your responses, i instead made my computer to stream from my home computer to my phone using a web address that was specifically made from my ip, and it streams flawlessly and it doesn't lag at all! Perfect audio quality

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