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    Hey Precentral,

    have you encountered this problem as well? I get I guess ALL notifications from the facebook app for status updates, comments and such. But I do not get notifications for private messages sent to me on FB. Am I missing something? Checked the settings, but the FB app seems to have no setting for notifications except the notify timer. Can someone help me with this?

    Got lots of friends that send DMs instead of text(sms), so it is kinda annoying to miss em. Besides that, my FB doesn't always update my status timeline correctly. But the DMs are way more important atm.

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    I think that's the way the app is. I don't get any notifications for my messages either. Even when I open the app, the red notifications don't appear for my messages, however if you go to your inbox, your new messages will be there. For whatever reason, notifications don't go off for inbox messages. Maybe it'll get fixed "in the coming months".
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    private message notifications are not included in the Facebook app, not yet anyway.
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