Hi Guys,

I'd like to get some opinions on my application Magic. Magic is a life-counting solution for WebOS (Both Pre and Pixi) that was originally created privately due to friends touting their iPhone and Android versions of similar solutions.


My current list of features I am going to be working towards are:
  • Forwards-Swipe in gesture pad to bring up log information (Damages and Heals for each player).
  • Multi-selectable Deck Colours including Colourless, Primary-Colour, Dual-Colour, Tri-Colour, Quad-Colour and Gold.
  • 8 Player Free For All
  • Phone Wallpaper as a Backdrop option
  • Emperor Game Mode
  • Self-Life Tracking Game Mode
  • Sound and Animation for panels and button presses
  • Internal "Just Type!" rule search

Each feature will be able to be enabled or disabled within the preferences menu.

Most importantly however, which features would you like to see included?