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    I know I am in a vast minority here. It seems that many, many apps have a masculine leaning to their color schemes: Greys, blues and black dominate app themes. And rightly so, I suppose. I'm guessing that most devs are guys. (Please correct me if I'm wrong--not trying to stereotype.)

    Some apps at least give a nod to their lady users with a choice for a bright pink background. But how about some pastels, soft white or light-colored backgrounds, a floral or scrollwork theme in beiges and light purples? Like I said, I know I'm probably like the only person on here who would like to get out of the gloom of grey and royal blue, but I thought I'd mention it.
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    A lot of this has to do with the fact that Palm/HP only provides 2 color schemes in the SDK: The default "palm-light" and palm-dark.

    Granted, these can be overridden by custom CSS, but it has to be done for every element in the app. And, let's face it, we developers are rarely graphics artists and have a bit of a hard time coordinating color schemes. (Heck, I don't even create my own icons! I know my limitations.)
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    Try this site for great backgrounds that I know you will love. Just drag them to your phones wallpapers file.

    iDesign * Pre – Free Palm Pre Wallpapers & Free Palm Pre Backgrounds. Updated Daily!
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    You mean something like this:


    GeoStrings allows you to customize the wallpaper, colors, and opacity to create any look you'd like. Music Player (Remix) allows you to customize wallpaper.
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    Yes! So pretty. Thanks! I hope more apps are made with the option to customize like this.

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