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    Cant find this app. What was the name of the app that was just featured in the precentral sidebar, with a toggle for each hardware entenna in its notification/dash?

    Btw, a running list of apps that have been featured in that sidebar would be nice to look back at, and find apps u saw.
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    advanced config for device meenu?
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    No i have those. The one that put a toggle for wifi, bluetooth, etc in a notification
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    Quick system tasks?
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    That looks right. Thanks!
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    oh man, Quick system tasks is a nice app. There's a preference to have the card close on startup and just have the notification running, perfect for my default mode. Also, there's a preference to keep the buttons in he notification clickable even when the screen is locked. Very very handy app!

    you can choose up to five toggle buttons to have in yur notification. I have data, wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness (toggles between two you choose in the card) and nodoze function on/off!!

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