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    I was looking for the Preware Installer and search does not find anything ..Has it been removed.. Will it come back??
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    Preware was never/wont ever be in the app catalog. Search the app catalog for Preware Homebrew Documentation (I believe it the highest rated paid app). It gives thorough instructions on how to install Preware.
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    Yep! Preware can only be installed from a computer, using webOS QI.

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    I have an app on my phone called Preware Installer V 1.3.6 It has all the patches and themes on it.. Did I get this from homebrew and not in the app catalog because I am pretty sure it came from the App Catalog.?? I could be wrong just don't remember..
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    See this for your options...

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

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