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    Tried to install the helper software for vlc streamer on my notebook. After I've said yes to the Windows 7 User acount control, the installation doesn't begin. Only get a message saying "Error reading setup initialization file". I've tried running it directly and saving it to the hard drive first, nothing works.

    Any one else experienced the same problem before?

    EDIT (really meant the streamer, don't know if it's the same software)
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    I'm getting the same problem on my media PCwith VLC streamer, only difference its running XP. Tried downloading 3 times as that can sometimes be the cause, but no luck.
    Hopefully the bug gets fixed soon, sounds like a great app.
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    I had a couple of bugs over the last couple of days - one caused by a rushed attempt to fix the other.

    anyway - I think all is well now with the latest streamer helper. Please download it and give it a go.
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