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    app – iPhone VLC Streamer (paid version)
    pc - VideoLAN 1.1.6, win7, up to date VLC streamer

    When i hit "delete added movie" or conversion job on the iphone app - it doesn’t kill process vlc.exe on remote pc (

    so cpu is being loaded to 100% by vlc.exe, when i start the new movie from app

    the second vlc.exe launches and starts the new job

    and so on

    is there any solution? ((

    tryed to reinstall videolan (the old one v0.9x and the new ones) and VLC streamer, turn off and on firewall - nothing helps

    sorry for bad eng
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    What kind of phone are you using? If you are running an iPhone, you will need to go to either, or the company's website.
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    iphone4 32gb
    fw 4.2.1
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    You are on a webOS (Palm) forum. Check out one of the links above. Good luck
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    Yeah, sounds like it's not closing the task and we don't have enough iPhone users over to help with that.

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    yup, this is something I know about. It does need to be sorted.
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