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    To start off -- Kudo's to NO2 developers of BASKETMANIA APP for giving WebOSers a simple APP that is addicting and most importantly --- great for passing the time.

    1) not sure why the app plays in landscape opposite to how video's play, but I'm good with it
    2) extremely easy to learn to play --- just use the tutorial and experiment a bit. You'll be shooting 3's in no time
    3) menu and functions are very well thought out - good organization !
    4) can't beat the price; not sure if that's temporary pricing knowing what I know about it, I wouldn't hesitate buying if this were a $.99 app - maybe more if there were more functions (multiple levels, multi-player mode, etc..)
    5) good graphics, good sound --- easy to put in mute mode.

    Overall --- A+ app. Wish I would have seen it sooner.
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    I like the app but i find the aiming very off, to where it should be,
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    For the price this game is great,
    it does take a little time to work out the power and angles of each shot though.
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