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    in the german app store for the pixi they deleted all!
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    Interesting. In us app store they are gone too, but the number of apps is the same, 5577
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    More than that, they need to have better quality control. All these e-book apps could just be one single e-reader app, with an on-line store allowing you to purchase specific e-books. Really, it would be better if you could manage your e-books from an e-reader app's library, instead of the app launcher. Instead of knocking it out of the park, they choose to flood the market with garbage.

    +1 Exactly my thought.
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    While I've not bought any of the books is always amusing how people complain about a lack of apps then complain when we do get a large release, even if it is all ebooks and audiobooks. The only reason it seems like an issue is because the number of apps being released in general is small enough that its feasible to look through the list of recently published apps. If HP manage to get the platform to take off with the release of new hardware then I'm looking forward to the release of hundreds of apps on a regular basis.

    All that being said having a separate app store for ebooks would be nice and make it all easier to manage from a user perspective.

    Edit: Hmmn, they're gone from the "what's new" list but are actually still available.
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