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    Space: Uncharted, is a multiplayer online strategy game set in a hostile galaxy of planets. After registering and activating your account, you can login to the game. You start with a single planet (with one factory) and a couple basic ships (a colonizer and two junkers). To build new ship types (fighters, transports, missile ships, tanks, etc.) you must add new “production lines.”

    The basic game play revolves around a couple tasks. First, you try to find new planets to colonize. The more planets you have, the more resources you can produce. Transport ships can be used to move the resources between planets. You can even setup trade with other players in the game. Next, you are obviously trying to destroy your opponents, so a big part of the game is strategically deciding what ships to build for your fleets. You’ll send your fleets out into space to discover and (hopefully) destroy your enemies. Not everyone will be an enemy, though, as the game has alliances and a messaging system to talk to players in the game. Finally, as the game progresses, you will add new buildings to your planet and research ship upgrades. In the end, hopefully you, or your alliance, will have complete control of the galaxy.

    Overall, the game is a lot of fun. The learning curve is steep, but the developers put together a video tutorial that I think will help new players a lot. I’ve been playing since the beta, so it is difficult for me to judge how intimidated new players might be. The focus of the game is obviously strategy, as the graphics are simple 2-D sprites. I think that is ok for this type of game though. The game moves slowly and is intended to last several weeks, so you might queue up half a dozen actions, and not check back for an hour or so. (Conveniently, the game can be configured to send you email or txt notifications of in-game events like combat or discovering a planet). I played in some of the beta games, and as your fleets grew and you got more planets, things got a lot busier as the game progressed.

    One downside of the game is the somewhat ambiguous end-game scenario. How long will the game last? The developers say “speed” games will last a week and “regular” games will go for 2 to 4 weeks. Also, how will winners be determined? Based on planets or points?

    There have also been some annoying bugs, but the developers are very active on their forums, and the latest version (1.0.4) works pretty well.

    Overall, the game is pretty addicting, and a lot of fun when there are 50+ people in a game all going at it. I’m hopeful the developers will stick with it! The game has a lot of strategy and depth. The fact that it is “massively multiplayer” also adds to the allure. It won’t blow you away with graphics, but definitely worth the money.

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    Thanks for the review - glad you like the game! I'm one of the developers for Space: Uncharted. We're definitely working on cleaning up the remaining bugs and will be putting out regular updates. We're also planning a lot of new features for upcoming versions so I hope you'll stick around for future games as well. Thanks again!
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    bought the game around 2 weeks ago,

    very fun and entertaining when your factories are pumping out missileships and fighters very quickly

    IGN: RocketSnail
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    Hi RocketSnail,

    Sorry for not responding sooner! We are very excited to hear you are enjoying the game!

    We've been continually trying to improve things, and just released the April game (Space: Uncharted April). To celebrate the popularity of the game, we're making it FREE for everyone during April. There is also a new "lightning" game that runs 4x as fast as the regular games.

    Thanks for everyone's support! Look forward to more feedback!

    Thanks again!
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    Just wanted to give the WebOS community a quick update! The latest version of Space: Uncharted, our MMO Strategy game, is now live in the App Catalog. We also have a beta out for the TouchPad! And for those times you are stuck at your computer, you can even play in full-screen on the web.

    Thanks again for everyone's support! We still love and use WebOS devices on a daily basis and have no plans to stop developing for the platform.

    Get more info on the Space: Uncharted Website.
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    so this is free?
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    So, this is like a webOS port of the old Stars! game, or something similar to it?

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