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    i would love to have an app for my family. I dont think that there is any at the moment, or is there some hombrew solution?

    I would like to build it up myself. I do know how i would like the app to work and look, but i do not have the skills for it.
    I am good at html, and also build a few programms with scilab or qbasic, but never worked with javascript.

    Is it difficult to set up a database and to sort a few entries?

    I would like to build it like this

    first page

    name father
    name mother
    indicator for children (like blue dots:male, pink dots: female)

    clicking on the couple (father + mother) opens up

    second page

    name children i
    name wife/husband i
    indicator for children (like blue dots:male, pink dots: female)

    scrolling down shows other chrildren

    a few buttons are helping to navigate to more distant relatives, like cousins. The background changes color for more distant relatives

    The app should be able to generate a personal tree for every entry.

    Hwo difficult you (developers) believe is it?
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    I know genealogy, but I don't know how to develop an app. One suggestion would be to develop a viewer for a GEDCOM file. GEDCOM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    There was/is a program called GedStar url at / gedstarpro.htm (sorry, not enough posts for links) that would allow you to view your data on your Palm. He's ported it to Android / android / but doesn't plan on any others. It was a VERY handy program to have. I keep it on my Treo - it's about the only thing I can't move.

    Realized this has already been posted more than once. My bad.
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