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    It would be awesome if movies and TV shows were scrobbled to

    They have an API for it .. you would have to contact them to get a developer key, but the developers are really responsive.

    movie/scrobble - API Documentation - trakt
    show/scrobble - API Documentation - trakt

    You would also need to get the imdb or thetvdb ID of the show / movie, I would think that would be done on the application side (Windows / Mac).

    The devs of the site can be reached at to get a API key.

    You can see my profile at tecnobrat's Profile - trakt which gives you an idea of what the site is like.
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    Interesting - I'll file this idea away for possible future development.

    I'll probably wait until I get a bunch more requests though - I'd want to think this was a pretty broadly used service (no idea at the moment whether it is or not...)
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