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    Hey guys,

    For some reason I can't post over in the Homebrew section but I was wondering if anyone has or has seen a craigslist app that notifies you when something new comes from your search? My brother has one on his Evo (I don't like the thing besides this app) and it works pretty slick. Just wondering if there was something here in webos land that was similar.
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    Yup, I've noticed that there's one Craiglist notification app out there, might on Preware. you can check it out.
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    I use ZenSearch it's pretty awesome craigslist app I just wish it had notificatins too...maybe the developer can add this when 2.0 hits?
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    I use Newsroom and set an RSS for whatever I am searching for on Craigslist and I set the app to give me a notification. The notifications are delayed a little bit, but it works pretty well.

    I thought I read that the developer of the app ceased further development, but made the code available to anyone who wanted to tinker with it, so maybe someone could improve the update system? I dont know anything about developing yet, so I have no clue how this would work

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