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    Hi all,

    I have been wondering for a long time now, and as the new devices are getting ready to be announced, phones, tablets, netbooks and beyond, what will happen to my current investment on all the apps that I have purchased in the past 2 years (correction: 2 years by the time I get something new in my hands).

    I'm not sure if this question has been brought up before or not, but what will happen with our investment in apps we purchased from Palm's App Catalog (I'm not so concerned with Homebrew because those are typically donations, which I gladly make).

    So if I purchased an app from Palm's App Catalog, for example: Angry Birds (although personally I'm more concerned with productivity apps), will I have purchase another copy of Angry Birds for my new WebOS phone that might have the larger screen that I've dreamed of, or my new PalmPad?

    Or will Palm and Developers make us re-purchase those apps, that we love, all over again to run on the new devices.

    I might see charging for PalmPad apps again, since they will be running on a so-called totally different type of device, but I would be upset if I had to pay again for app if I just got a new phone (a much better phone with different specs .. larger screen).

    For some people it might not be a big deal to pay again for an app, if it were one or two apps that they purchased. But for me, on a limited income (disability), I have invested over $300 dollars on apps so far. I currently have installed about 279 apps. I did not pay just $1 for each, most of them were more than that.

    Have we talked about this yet? If not, does anyone know the answers to my question? If there is nothing decided yet, should we be discussing it now so that HP knows our feelings about this subject?

    Will the decision be left up to HP or the developers or both?

    Thanks for any information or opinions on this topic.


    PS I think I should ask this question for next weeks Palmcast?
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    From the screenshot of the slate releases, there was a snippet at the bottom of the screen talking about a seemless transfer of call/text/app content between phone or PC & slate...

    I do not believe that we will have to reinvest a completely new amount of apps because: 1) webOS is kind of specially designed to more easily expand, & 2) with the new Enyo framework for dev's they will be able to EASILY have apps that benefit from using small interfaces instantly up to larger ones!

    I would say don't worry about for now -HP/Palm seem to have to finger pinpointed on this issue & want to have that seemless profile usage between devices!
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    If there were something like Apple's licensing to allow installation in up to 5 devices...
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    I'd just be worried about abandoned apps not getting an enyo rewrite.
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    I won't worry so much about apps, when I exchange my old Palm phone against a new one (which seems what rlanza1054 is planning). You just need to unlink your profile from your old phone and install it on the new phone and all your purchased apps will be downloaded.

    More concerning is the question about apps, that you would like to use on your PalmPad and on your phone concurrently... Or what about Contacts, E-Mail, ...? Do I really need to set up two Palm Prophiles and enter identical "cloud"-based synchronising profiles into both of them? Or will there be the possibility to add more than one device to my Palm Profile and have them running the same software and using the same accounts for e-mail, contacts, ... whatever.

    I hope that this "seemless profile usage"-thing turns out to be a good solution for this problem.
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    Well, supposedly, when you get a new Palm/HP phone, your software re-installs on the new one, since it is linked to your Palm Profile. I can see this as a potential problem is you have a Pre and a Pad linked to the same profile (do you automatically get two copies of every program?). As for me, I haven't worried too much about this since I have no interest in a Pad (won't fit in my pocket, so don't want it), and now that Sprint is going to charge us all for 4G, even in areas that will NEVER see 4G when we get new phones, I'm going to milk my Pre Minus for as long as it will last!

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