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    So I uninstalled an app to do some troubleshooting (Bible by and now I cannot get it to re-download and install. It just sticks at "Downloading". Is it possible that when I uninstalled (which I had trouble getting done) that it left some orphaned files that may now be preventing me from re-downloading it? If so, where in Internalz would I locate such files?

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    I doubt that's the cause, especially since YouVersion is actually just repackaging a website and not an app in the strictest sense.

    What version of webOS do you have, and have you done a wipe/erase on your phone lately? I'd be more inclined to suspect an issue with the app catalog or with compatibility with the YouVersion app.

    What can you tell us about your configuration?
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    VZW Palm Pre Plus, webOS 1.4.5
    Youversion Bible 2.1 I believe (the latest version)

    I have rebooted my phone, completely shut it down and removed the battery reset my phone, and still I cannot re-download this app! I CAN, however, download other apps. It has been very frustrating.

    I have not done a wipe/erase of my phone any time lately.
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    Well, it's certainly possible that something got corrupted or there is some stray remnant. Your options probably depend on your willingness to tinker. If you can identify where things were, Internalz might help if it is just a file that needs to be deleted. However I'm having a hard time thinking that's the issue.

    Before you do anything else, use the "saved package list" in Preware to back up your homebrew stuff, and then use the Save/Restore app (also in preware) to back up your applications (which includes preware) and get it copied to your hard drive. Also make sure that they Palm Backup application has run since you made any changes - and DON'T turn it off. Run it manually to make sure everything is backed up.

    In my case, I wipe/doctor/tinker with my phone constantly, so I don't mind starting with a fresh slate to make sure the stuff I really care about is installed and running before anything else.

    There is always the Emergency Repair patch that will try to inspect/replace any webOS files that are missing or corrupted. You'd have to reinstall Uberkernel and some of your homebrew. Of course, the "saved package list feature in preware" and the "save/restore" application make it simple for me, so I can usually recover back to fully tricked out in about an hour.

    You can also do an "Erase" which has the same basic result, but probably would only help with a clean shot at app installation. I don't think that will actually compare/replace webOS files that are missing or corrupt.

    The last resort is running the doctor. Not because it's hard or dangerous, but because it starts everything over like factory fresh. It shouldn't wipe the usb partition, but back it up anyway...

    If you are up to any of those because that app is so important... you should read up on each of them. There are lots of members here that can answer questions as they come up. But back up your usb drive first. I've seen several members to everything correctly and then blow it up by choosing "create" instead of "restore" and losing everything in their saved package list. If they had a backup copy, they could have replaced the one on the phone that they broke, and tried it again...
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    Thanks for the info. Think I will probably doctor it this weekend. Question: you mentioned an Emergency Repair patch, and while I see a lot of "emergency" patches in preware, I see nothing that is specifically "Emergency Repair". Which one specifically were you referring to?
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    I probably forgot the correct name. I don't have access to look it up, but the descriptions you will see for each patch will clearly identify them for you.

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