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    Has anyone tried with webos 2.0? i have a Pre 2, but before i spend $40 id like to know that it works.

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    It's pretty flaky with WebOS 1. I try to use it to synchronize my Mac with my Pre, but it blows out memory or something, and dies during the synchronization of my address book.

    It works fine for music and photos, but I really bought it to synchronize addresses.
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    I agree. I don't have 2.0 yet, but I've never found Missing Sync to be anywhere near as good as it was for Palm OS. I can get it to sync my address book well enough, but I don't really use it for anything else any more.
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    I don't have 2.0 yet either, but have never had any problems with Missing Sync under1.4.5 or earlier. It works great with addresses and my multiple iCal calendars, which is my main use. I have also used it for photos and music without problems.
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    Do you use it on a Mac? About how many addresses do you have?

    I desperately wish I could get it to work, and have no clue why it doesn't, beyond, "the form of error looks sorta like a memory problem".
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    Tried missing sync on a GSM Pre- running 2.1 and it didn't work. The error output was like "Access to com.palm.contacts not permitted". Must be due to the change in APIs and how access to the contacts and calendar apps is managed now. App install didn't create the MarkSpace accounts in either app also.

    Oh, tried it for Mac with about 200 contacts and 8 calendars i guess.

    According to neither Pre2 nor WebOS 2.0 are supported (yet).
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    This is from the Mark/Space website:

    Compatibility with WebOS v2.0

    The Missing Sync does not support Palm Pre 2, or WebOS version 2.0 devices.

    I've sent an email to support asking if there are plans to support Web 2.0.

    I'll let you know if and when they respond, and what they say.
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    Here's the response from Mark/Space:


    I have not received any info regarding support for the pre2 (webos 2.0) devices. Mark/Space will send out an update when more info is available.

    Mark/Space Inc.
    Technical Support

    Ticket ID: 779818
    Department: Technical Support
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    I bought the app before the statement about unsupported 2.0 was out. It doesn't work and the support is crap. Spend your money on Chapure Pocketmirror. They have great support and it just works out of the box.
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    That only works if you use a PC and Outlook, though, right?
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    It actually works for the media sync functions (Pictures, videos, and music). There is no other option besides going to a cloud based calendar such as Google for the calendar and contacts sync at least if you are a MacOS user.

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