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    i am wondering what everyone thinks are the best app catalog and homebrew app catalog card/word/puzzle games. i am looking for some to install.

    i am not interested in online/multi-player games; free or purchase doesn't matter.

    so far all i have is word whirl. adv-thanks-ance for your suggestions!
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    Here are a few:

    Free Klondike Solitaire, Word Search, Wobble Words, Ancient Frog.
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    In addition to the above, I'll throw in:

    Smiles, Quell, Tilt Origami, and Tangrams/Woodenigma
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    My favorite is Word Ace, now included in Card Ace Casino. It is mostly multiplayer, though, but it does let you "practice" by yourself.

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    Sparkle's a pretty good time killer. Nice graphics, sound, easy to pick up hard to put down. Basically a line of colored balls that gets longer and longer and you have to knock them out by shooting red at red, blue at blue etc. Had some fun with TileStorm too, good graphics and some real mind benders in there.
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    I love Word Whirl. Glad you got it first, you're in for a treat.

    Also have recently boung Dungeon Scroll, interesting twist on words/dungeon exploring. Kinda nonsensical with the rewards, but fun nevertheless.
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    Ancient Frog and Blocks will keep you occupied man.
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    I just got Sparkle and it had definitely been keeping me entertained. Very nicely done and great graphics.
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    I really like Solitaire Collection -- the free demo is Freecell, which gives you 15 free deals of the games in Solitaire Collection, plus unlimited deals of Freecell.

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    Astraware Casino, Board Games, and Mahjong are the best in their classes. Jewel Quest 3 is the best of the puzzlers (think Bejeweled).
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    Sparkle is definately a nice game. It gets hard though! I'm going to have to practice beating certain patterned levels. That "Tails Bitten" one gave me headaches. But now it's Barren Shield I can't beat. Off to the Play Challenge section where you can pick a specific pattern level to practice on.

    I have fun with Tradewinds's a game that doesn't require your undivided attention. You can interrupt me on that game, but don't mess with me while I'm focused on Sparkle!
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    Barren Shield is driving me insane.
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    Endless Tripeaks Solitaire is hands-down my favorite time-killer app on WebOS. Really fantastic solitaire game. As others above have mentioned, Quell is also a fantastic puzzle game.

    Two other favorites of mine were Everlands and Arachnophilia, although neither of those has captured and held my attention as long as Endless Tripeaks or Quell.
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    Great to see Quell getting plenty of love.

    Hope to see some of you over on our Facebook page!

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