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    A buddy of mine was telling about an app (not on the webOS platform) that apparently disabled someone's caller ID and when you called or texted them they couldn't tell it was you. In fact, you could call making them think you were someone else. For example, my name is Jeff. I could program the app so when I called Larry he thought I was Joe calling (if you get my example). The name of the app had the word bluff in it (I think).

    Anyone hear of such a thing and if so, is there a similar webOS app? I tried searching the app catalog and couldn't locate any.

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    there are several apps. Fake a Call and Spoof a Call come to mind. Check the catalog.

    also, you can usually block your caller ID with dialing a code. I think it's *67 (send) on vzw...
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    Thanks for the quick response. Fake and Spoof I'm familiar with and don't do what I was looking for. Those programs just make it make it look like someone is calling me . . which isn't what I was looking for. I'm also familiar with the *67, use it all the time in my career. I'll keep looking. . .

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    Check out iSpoofCard - Spoofing & Voice Changer

    You can find it in the app catalog

    This sound similar to what you were talking about, I haven't tried it ever though.
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    Wow, that could do the trick. Thanks djgardn.


    PS: Tried it out and it works. Problem is, you only get a few free calls then you have to start paying for each individual call. Pretty cool app though. I think it would be better (and cheaper) if there was a similar app that spoofed sms messages.
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