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    when I try to open files that have been downloaded on the internet I get. File not supported. Unable to open file. Is there a way to open these files? Or is it impossible to open. It gets frustrating sometimes. :! Thanks for the help guys. This community is a big reason I am still a webOS supporter, along with several other reasons. Thanks again!
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    what file type?

    Xml? Openoffice? Zip?
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    zip and xml
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    That's not a browser issue. Have you checked out an app called Internalz? I think that will help you.
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    There is currently no gui program for opening zip files. it must be done in terminal with the correct optware package installed. I believe u should be able to open the xml file in plaintext in Intenalz
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    I have internalz. I just haven't utilized it yet. I'll give it a shot. Thanx

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