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    I have been searching, but have not seen anyone post about any problems with the Facebook app.

    Some of the problems are updating, notifications, date/time, and crashing.

    The crashing and updating seem to be related. When it is updating my phone reboots, at least once a day. My FB inbox only updates every 2 hours or so, kinda useless.

    Notifications only seem to work when I have them set to sms on the website.

    Date/times wrong, no problem, just annoying.

    I have un/re - installed many times.

    My pre+ is pretty heavily patched and running uberkenel @ 500/800.

    Anyone else having problems, or have any solutions?
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    I have an overclocked pre+ and I've never had those kind of issues with FB. You may want to take a look at your patches and see if something is up there.

    Maybe doctor your phone and repatch?
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    I have never dr.'d before, but it couldn't hurt. I may try it after work.

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