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    There is a google group where you can make requests and error reports.
    phnx | Google Groups

    EDIT: First post updated with this info.
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    Ah, thanks for pointing me
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    I can't find ths in Preware. Beta feeds are enabled
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    Are you saying you're able to tweet via Bad Kitty by just typing? If so, how do you do that?
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    great app another alternative for twitter webOS users. just type to tweet is cool i dnt remember if they had that in spaz but that was one of the key features that got me on bad kitty. keep up the good work & carra on! @ninostark
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    Is twitlonger available with this or something similar to be able to tweet over 140 characters?
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    <download link in main post updated>

    Love the UI of this app! Still a few features to go, but great so far!
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    I agree with the above this application is headed towards being the best keep up the good word
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    Brilliant UI - the transparent black overlays inspired me for my app.
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    beautiful app, very smooth. I will definitely be ready to pay for the final release. Tablet version?
    Did you know I can also annoy you on twitter? @mikevember
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