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    Maybe I'm missing something, but when was the last release of any apps? It's been a little while for sure.

    Do you think things are slow (I hope not) or on hold until the 2/9/11 event. I could see the latter making more sense. Releasing a new App Catalog (bigger and better) along with new hardware right out of the gate... (please, please, please)
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    Most developers have been working on 2.0 apps. And most developers dont have 2.0 to test it on so they cant release anything even for people with the Pre 2. Once 2.0 is released to everyone and developers have the 2.0 SDK to create new stuff, then you will see more apps being released.
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    when 2.0 is generally available from the carriers, you will see a bunch of new apps arriving.

    I am hoping that HP has been bribing netflix, hulu, and kindle, among others.

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