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    Hi there,
    my Son asked me to request a MangaStream App.

    MangaStream is a website which provides a few Mangas. This Site is working with and not against the "Manga-Industry", because they only release just a few chapters (most likley the last 2-3 chapters). What they do is more a providing of "spoilers" until the real translated chapters hit the us markets. If you like it buy it. It do not allows you to download hole chapters, because they want you to buy it and not to steal.

    There API can be found here: Manga Stream - API Documentation

    I could help out with the interface, but i dont have a clue how to build the API into a App. If someone is willing to tell me how this works, i could make it myself.
    (How to implement a API like get_chapters_latest?)

    I know that there is a Manga App but i don not allow my son to purchase it (he has no creditcard ), because i believe that this APP is not legal and not in the insterest of the manga devolpers/artist.
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    what is a "manga"?
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    its some kind of comic. Asked already the developer of the comics app, but the didi not reply
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    Manga (mahn-ga, not man(like man, woman)-ga) is just a Japanese term for comics. So it's referring to Japanese comics like Naruto and One Piece, as opposed to something like Spiderman and Batman. MangaStream is an online site (among a dozen others) that let's you read these mangas via web browser... didn't know they had an app for it. In terms of legality of them putting copyrighted stuff for you to read... well, that's another topic.

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