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    We have two iphones, and have been using VLC remote for a short time. It's worked very well, and been reliable.

    I believe there was an update that I installed today for VLC remote, and since then when we try to load the app on the iphones (both do the same thing) it just quits. It shows the splash screen (and loading) for a few seconds then just returns to the iphone menu.

    Any idea what could be causing this? Is there any new updates coming soon? I'd try to delete and reinstall the app but I think it would make me purchase again..

    Hope to get it working again ASAP. Thanks!

    EDIT: you can delete this if you want, I just saw the notes that this is a known problem. I had looked but apparently I looked in the wrong spot and missed it...
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    glad you figured it out. Update should be through shortly. In the meantime - delete and reinstall fixes the issue.
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