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    Title says it all. I want one for webOS!
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    It's also available for iOS and Android. I love using it.

    There are several ereaders available for webOS, but I am not sure if you can use them for Kindle books and they won't let you access the Kindle store.

    Since Kindle is licensed by Amazon, anyone who did create one would have to have their permission to do so, so they would probably be the ones you should contact about it.
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    I've given the Kobo reader a try and bought a couple books from them. I like the ability to download books direct to Pre, but the reader is definitely lacking for features. It's too bad they didn't partner with pReader to get both features and direct buy.

    Come on Amazon, get us an app.
    Come on HP, help get some of the high profile apps ported.
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    If the PalmPad is real, it better get a Kindle App at launch or it will be DOA.

    So hopefully HP is already whispering to Amazon to make it happen and further hoping that the app can be used on all webOS devices.
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    I cannot believe at this stage Amazon or Barnes & Noble haven't gotten in the webOS game yet. Here's to hoping this is remedied soon.

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    I gave Kobo a try (since it was my only option for most new non-romance books out there) and while it took a little getting used to, I've come to really like it. I think I'd probably stick with Kobo even if we got Kindle for Pre, but I would install the Kindle for more options for book buying. About the only problem with Kobo is the bookmarking system. You have to have an Internet connection (so no bookmarking while flying), and occasionally the bookmarks fail and you open your book to an earlier chapter. If they could fix those two issues, I'd be perfectly happy with Kobo.
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