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    Im looking for an app, for some reason I cant post in the homebrew forums. But im looking for an app that would allow me to edit ringtones on my phone. An app similar to ringdroid. Any help?
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    I don't think there is one for the Pre that does that. I believe you'll have to edit in your computer and then use the USB to put it in your phone.

    And you can't post in some forums, because you don't have enough posts, yet.
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    Ahh. Well its not so bad editing because I have dropbox and I can just use that to transfer without having to use the dreaded usb mode. its just a tedious process.
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    There is an app that lets you download itunes clips to use as ringtones. And there is a good page of free ringtones at

    What specific ringtones are you trying to create? I use audacity on my pc when I want to edit clips, but I've found pretty much whatever I want already available on the web.
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    I remember seeing an app in the Catalog that lets you edit ringtones, though I don't know the name.

    UPDATE: The app is called zNibble but it's been getting horrible reviews. I would instead recommend using Audacity on a computer.

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