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    Ok, so are we having app catalog problems again? Since over the holidays I have been having problems with it. First it seemed that the rate of updates was getting REALLY SLOW. Then Preware would say I had updates but when I tried to update them it said they were already installed. Then it seemed like my Preware App list was cut in half (only says 2512 apps in feed), now Updates is saying I have app updates but the My Applications list shows no updates. People kept telling me it was because the folks at Palm were on vacation over the holidays, but now I am thinking that's not the case. Anyone else having problems with App Catalog, Preware, or any of the app feeds?
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    Yeah I'm having problems too. My app catalog over the holidays took an extra day to get the updates that showed up in Preware, and download numbers and reviews seem to update after a few days instead of a few hours. My Preware has also been going nuts. When I click on All Applications, it usually shows really really old apps, and I have to backswipe to the main Preware screen and go back to fix it.
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    I'm having the same App Catalog issues showing that updates are avail but the My Applications list shows no updates but I have noticed that when I tap on an app in the My Applications lists it tells me the app is not a valid app. Preware seems to be operating fine and when I enable the App Catalog feeds, it shows no updates avail.
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    Still having App Catalog problems. Anyone having trouble downloading apps from the app catalog today? Had to uninstall and reinstall an app to do some troubleshooting, and now I cannot get it to download.

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