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    I spend more time online reading RSS newsfeeds than any other activity so I recently downloaded and tried four different RSS feed readers: Feeder, FeedReader, Feeds, and My Feeds. Each reader has its own strengths and weakness which can make one more suited to a particular user than another.

    My Feeds has one major flaw; even though Google Reader accounts are supposedly supported the fact is that in at least my case they are not. Since I follow more than a few hundred newsfeeds it my simple be a matter of the app being overloaded. Feeds can also be added manually but I found that some atom and feedburner feeds were not supported. My Feeds works best for users that don't use Google reader and want to (or at least willing to) manually enter each feed.

    FeedReader is the only free app of the four. Unfortunate you get what you pay for. FeedReader only supports feeds that the user adds and does not work with a Google Reader account. Feeds and listed in the order that they are added and after several attempt to arrange them in some sort of order I've come to the conclusion that they will also return to the default order. FeedReader also suffers from performance problems after more than a few dozen feeds have been added. On the bright side, FeedReader does support some atom and feedburner feeds that My Feeds won't and feeds can be enter using the address for the website itself not necessarily the RSS feed. Podcasts are also supported allowing the audio to be played and paused from that particular news story. FeedReader works best for users with less than a few dozen feeds who don't mind them not being in alphabetical order or those more interesting in listening to podcasts than reading.

    Both Feeds and Feeder only work with a Google Reader account which makes setting up your feeds straight forward. The main difference between the two is that Feeder only displays feeds with new stories while Feeder lists all feeds in the Reader account. Which is better will depend on whether the individual wants to option to go back and read a story that has already been marked read. If so, then Feeds is for you. Otherwise, Feeder offers a cleaner interface which makes navigating a large number of feeds much simpler.
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    Nice write-up.

    I was just wondering how the others compared to FeedReader.

    Thank you
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    nice write up. Personally I think News Room is the best RSS feeder on webOS.
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    Feeds is my favorite of the four, and I use the free version. Does NewsRoom also support Google Reader? I want to hear someone's take on News Room.
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    I highly recommend Feeder to everyone who uses RSS, especially if you use Google Reader.

    Besides that other similar options have declined to update their app or don't have the resources to continue with webOS development (Feeds, Scoop, and Newsroom), Feeder has a clean interface and is blazingly fast. It also has a lot of features that are flat out missing in other RSS apps, some of which include:

    1. Just Type to Search - and Highlight: In the app, start typing in order to launch a search for a keyword. Results will include both read and unread articles, is surprisingly fast, and also highlights the keyword you were looking for.

    2. Abundance of Sharing Options: Other apps will allow you to send articles via email or sms, which is standard. Feeder, however, goes beyond to allow you to tweet articles via a twitter app of your choice (currently Bad Kitty and Spaz), share on Facebook, or to send it to your favorite Read It Later client (Relego for Read It Later and Spare Time for Instapaper, also by the Feeder developer and sharing much of Feeder's awesomeness).

    3. Customization: Feeder lets you change the font size, theme (from the gray to the more high contrast black and white), hide read articles/folders (OP - yes, you can view older articles in Feeder, you just have to switch it on in the preferences...the developer said he was looking into a more convenient shortcut), landscape orientation, how items are sorted (newest or oldest), how subscriptions are shown (manual order or alphabetically), and notifications for select or all feeds.

    4. Mark Read as You Scroll, Quick Action Shortcuts, and Swipe to Change Articles - Feeder has a pretty cool unique feature that will automatically mark items as read as you scroll down the list. While in article, you can swipe to go to the next article. If you're on the main view, however, and in a bit of a rush, you can easily favorite or star items directly from that view - swipe to the right to mark read/unread and to the left to favorite (bold lets you know an item is unread and a little star appears next to favorited articles).

    If you need to Google Reader support, Feeder is basically THE app for you. I'm so happy that @SemicolonApps released it for us (it started as a personal project for his own use). For others, if you find that you'd like an app with more features, sharing capabilites, and speed, while also maintaining a functional and simple (but still lovely) interface, then you should give Feeder a try. And no, Newsroom doesn't support Google Reader, instead choosing to parse feeds on its own server for perfectly (and to some people, preferred) good reasons. Google Reader support is planned, but due to the nature of how Newsroom operates, it needs money in order to continue existing and unfortunately, webOS brings in around the order of nil, so it'll probably be updated last.
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    There's a new reader app in the web feeds: GReader (Google Reader) by It looks nice. Has anyone tried it out?
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    newsroom not reading Greek letters

    My Feeds cant import some rss

    prefer feedreader, dont try yet only Feeder from this 4 rss readers
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    After trying all the feed options on webOS, I have to agree with malpha and recommend Feeder. It's the best Google Reader app out there. I also tried GReader, which just came out a few days ago, and it really has a lot of eye candy. The problem with GReader is with navigating feeds. The only option it gives you to navigate feeds is a drop-down button to the top right of the screen, and the drop down list doesn't even show you how many new items each feed has. If I could have a list of feeds like in Feeder, but with the eye candy when you go to an individual feed, then GReader would be better, but for now, Feeder is my choice.
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    can't download Feeder and GReader,
    not find in Preware...
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    They should both be in the App Catalog. Maybe you need to enable the palm-catalog and palm-catalog-update feeds in Preware (Menu > Manage Feeds).
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    Feeds is my favorite. It does everything I need from a Google Reader app.
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    maybe is not free? Have disable no free apps...
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    Re NewsReader:

    I used several of the early (ca 1 year ago) free newsreaders and a couple were ok.
    Then I bought NewsRoom shortly after it became available in Germany and used it daily since then.
    It's very very good - as long as you you don't care about Google Reader support (which is not important to me).
    If Google Reader is a requirement then NewsRoom is not for you.

    Otherwise I can highly recommend it.

    Fast, well done, nice UI, works very well and presents more and better infos from the feeds than any other feed reader I tried.

    Well worth the 5 bucks it costs.
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    newsroom is great but the notification bug is annoying.

    There's also Rhythym. It's buggy but the streaming news in the dashboard is great so I use it along with another feed reader for feeds that get updated a lot more often then precentral.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spare View Post
    There's also Rhythym. It's buggy but the streaming news in the dashboard is great so I use it along with another feed reader for feeds that get updated a lot more often then precentral.
    There are a few updates that are being submitted to fix bugs. The next update (1.0.3) fixes the "disappearing feeds" issue (which, by the way, doesn't actually delete your feeds-- simply close and open the app if you see it "erase" your feeds. It is an issue with the database not being loaded by the time the app has launched, so it thinks there is nothing and shows you the first run screen).

    If you have any specific sites that aren't working (can't test them all ) please submit them via email to support [at] and I will add them to my list to go over. Also, if you run into any other bugs feel free to email them to me. Recently there was an issue with a "failed return to sender", so if I don't reply, make sure you are set up to receive email from support [at]
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikosxeng View Post
    maybe is not free? Have disable no free apps...
    Oh I see, both Feeder and GReader are paid apps.

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    I have used Feeds for several months now and am mostly satisfied with it. The biggest thing on my wishlist is the ability to switch back and forth between Google accounts easily. I use two different accounts for two entirely different purposes, and it would be a nice feature.

    Thanks for the writeup.
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    I have been thinking about utilizing RSS feeds for a while now. What always prevented me was having to go to the website to read a full article. I've learned that that is due to restrictions from the website in question, not RSS feeds in general (correct me if I'm wrong)

    My friend has an iPad and showed me an app that allows you to copy websites for viewing in offline mode. I can't remember the name of it, but is there anything on webOS that offers this?
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    You're right about the website controlling the feed. They can create the feed to contain the full article or just some teaser text. Some use just a teaser in order to get you to visit their website. I find that most will supply the whole article, though.

    The app your friend showed you might have been Instapaper. webOS has an Instapaper client called Spare Time.
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    FeedReader is my favorite. I like that it aggregates all the new items into one list so I can just click through them all without having to back out and go into other folders. Plus it includes the link to the website after each post so that if it is cut off or has a video I can go right to it.
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