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  • A Excellent! I couldn't be more pleased!

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  • B Not great, but a solid performance.

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  • C Not a complete failure, but very disappointing.

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  • F (Because D's are for wusses. ) A steaming pile of fail!

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    It could be said that 2010 was the year of the app store. This was supposed to be a huge year for the App Catalog. Was it? Many have suggested Palm is interested in quality over quantity. Does the reality of the Catalog, and Palm's developer efforts bear that out? This was the year of the PDK. How did that work out?

    Not everyone believes it's all been coming up roses. This blog post recently outlined some major deficiencies in the Catalog. Recently, people have been fixated with the number 5,000. It is the rough number of apps in the Catalog, and the number that WP7 has reached in just a few weeks.

    The above blogger suggests that the Catalog should be considered much smaller due to the number of garbage apps. He lists the categories of apps to which he is referring, and provides a count. He reckons the "real" app count should be 3,372. Is he right?

    Is porting iPhone games a sustainable, and marketable strategy for a company trying to establish themselves as a competing platform? I don't think so. Do you? Should Palm start placing more Apple-esque restrictions on what is let in, and what is kept out? Oh, and whatever happened with HP's in-house app effort? Anyway, as we turn the page on the calendar, it seems appropriate to reflect on the year of the app store.

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    'B'. It didn't do great, but it's a solid step forward with all the different issues this year.
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    By what metric do you consider it a solid step forward?
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    I consider it stagnant and have given up waiting for improvement.

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    I find it rather disappointing. We have a great OS but the support from outside has been disappointing to say the least. When you look at the other OSs we are far behind. WP7 hit 5000 apps in a matter of weeks while it has taken WebOS 18 months to reach that!!! Granted WP7 is an update of Windows Mobile, PocketPC and whatever else it has been called but the apps still had to be ported to the new version. WebOS is a new version of PalmOS and we haven't gotten anywhere near the support they have and are losing vendors (hello ePocrates, Motion Apps, etc!) I can't even get Classic now to try to use a PalmOS version of programs. <stepping off the soapbox now>
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    Until around September, things were going well. After that, it has mostly died, with the excpetion of a few good apps (thanks Astraware) and tons of app spam (soundboards and dubious books).
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    My own thoughts: Overall a C+

    There's a lot of great apps in the catalog, but there's some truly gaping holes. The biggest and most obvious is the lack of any way to create/edit Office documents. I know, "It's coming." They've been saying that since pre-launch. Office editing is the WebOS equivalent of the Great Pumpkin.

    The other major problem is the lack of the major mobile apps that are already out there on other platforms, Netflix and Kindle for example. I don't need 6000 games and sound boards.

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